• We have a new model laptop I am trying to image with our standard windows 7 image. It fails on the initial registering of the device with no noticeable errors, it just hangs when going through the registration, before adding the details.

    It does come with a minicard ssd. Could this be the problem? I can’t find a way to find a log of any errors.

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    [quote=“raymondub, post: 44705, member: 28342”]I made 2 things:

    • disable wifi in the bios
    • creation a new host adding the macaddress in fog[/quote]

    Great! My guess is that the wifi adapter is being recognized when the FOG client boots up and it wants to request an IP via DHCP too…

  • i’ll try but i maybe found a solution.
    I made 2 things:

    • disable wifi in the bios
    • creation a new host adding the macaddress in fog
      And it s working without futher problem. I didn’t post it yet cause i didnt have time yet to check which option made it finally work…
      I’ll try to test your file and check this before the end of this week.
      Thanks for the follow up !


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    Still wondering why we see two udhcpc on this Latitude E7440…

    Talked to Tom about it and he created a custom init.xz for you showing all the interfaces just before sending out DHCP requests… Would you please try this on your Latitude and take a picture of the interface list?

    [CODE]cd /var/www/fog/service/ipxe
    sudo mv init.xz init.xz.orig
    sudo wget http://mastacontrola.com/init.xz
    sudo chown www-data:www-data init.xz[/CODE]

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    there shouldn’t be any need to disable the wifi for fog

  • ethernet and wifi
    Should i disable the wifi for fog ? cause anyway it s not configure so it cannot get an ip

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    Why is udhcpc coming up twice??? Do you have two network cards in that client?

  • this topic maybe is my solution ?
    But how can i change the lease timeout ?

  • [quote=“Junkhacker, post: 44288, member: 21583”]has your network already been configured for it?[/quote]
    i made a lot lot lot downloading and uploading without problems. We just received that new computer and i wanted to customize the image to download and the others too.
    Is it cause of the components of the laptop ?

  • i just migrate to Version: 3142 but still same prob.
    How can i be sure that the update of the kernel was ok ? I saw the message that it was but is it written somewhere ?


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    has your network already been configured for it?

  • Not for the moment but soon we’ll do

  • Do you use VoIP in your network?

  • i couldn’t wait… but it s not working.
    I installed
    Unofficial Published Kernels
    Kernel - 3.19.1 TomElliott
    Date : March 10, 2015
    Version: 3.19.1
    FOG Type: TomElliott
    Arch Type: (x86_64)
    but i have the same problem… Sending discover…

  • ok thank you, i ll try it tomorrow. 1st i’ll make a backup 🙂

  • We’re up to 3.19.2, so maybe that one?

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    kernel’s are downloaded by http in fog 1.0+ systems. they are located in <web-root>/fog/service/ipxe
    <web-root> on ubuntu systems, for example, is /var/www

  • And which version do you recommend ? 3.19.1, 3.19.0 or 3.18.x

  • thank you!
    i search the command to backup the actual kernel and i found this
    [CODE]sudo cp /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage.backup
    sudo mv [downloaded kernel] /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage[/CODE]
    but i think that I m another version. In 1.2.0 svn3118, i dont see those files… So i m a little confused and am not sure which files i should backup…

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    [quote=“raymondub, post: 44257, member: 28342”]HI,
    i m digging out this topic cause I have a problem with the same model of computer…
    I m actually using Latest stable version is 1.2.0 Svn version: 3118.
    If i choose the option “Choose Client System Information” (or anything else), it s not working… I have message telling all the time
    “Sending discover”…
    I m in production, what would be the impact of changing the kernel ? :)))[/quote]

    the primary impact of updating the kernel would be increases in compatibility. you can save the kernel as a different name and keep your old one to revert back to if you have any problems (not likely)