• hello

    I have updated with the 1302 revision:
    When I want to upload an image I get this error on the client and in the apache log:
    [Wed March 12 10:46:46 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: / var / www / fog / service / ipxe / fog

    I had to copy the directory /tftpboot/fog to /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/
    and the jobs start
    Maybe my update

  • r1302 released.

    Completes hooking elements, as I thought best to add, to GroupManagementPage. Starts hooking elements in ImageManagementPage. On the image add, it should also fix the double path display if you have multiple storage groups.

  • Developer

    not just “look” how you want it to. act how you want it to as well. with a proper hooking system, plugins will be able to modify core functionality without being hard-coded into the files.

  • Developer

    this is obviously old and outdated but give you the idea:

    you could potentially get fog to “look” how you want it to (within reason) without hard coding your changes and making changes to the core code of fog and for example when it’s time for a fog upgrade, it would be easier to implement your “hooks” back in and in “theory” wouldn’t have to do anything to do that.

  • So… What is hooking? 😄

    I’ve seen all these updates about it…

  • r1301 released.

    Adds a lot of hooking elements to the GroupManagementPage. This is my latest project is to add hooking to all the of the pages. I’ve completed, where possible, the DashBoardPage, and added some to the HostManagementPage, but will work on one page at a time as it is rather time consuming. So GroupManagementPage isn’t 100% but I needed a break for a little bit. But basically all area’s down to alo on the service settings element of the group page are now hooking enabled. I’m sure it’s not a perfect system, but it gets the job done for now.

    Updated the TomElliott.config.32/64 files to remove MTRR support. Updates the bzImage, bzImage32 files to reflect as well.

  • r1300 released.

    Just fixes the login page language selection parts so they work appropriately again.

  • r1299 released.

    Fixes the FOG Configuration Page QUICKREG_IMG_ID so it actually stores the data. Fixes the green fog HH:MM section to maintain their size when selected for typing.

  • r1297 and 1298 released.

    r1297 adds some hooking to the Host management page. Adds hooking to the UserManagementPage, adds hooking to the Dashboard page.

    r1298 released. Some more hooking in HostManagement, but biggest change is on the FOG Settings part of the FOG Configuration page. All on/off values are now check boxes. QUICKREG_IMG_ID is a select box of all the images. OS_ID is not set as it’s set by the IMG_ID anyway, but it will display the os type of the selected image, if one is selected. DEFAULT_LOCALE is now a select box as well, and written in their respective languages.

  • r1296 released.

    Adds a sequence selector based on what is currently available in ipxe. This required a schema change from 42 to 79 as we store the sequences in the Database.

    The selector is on PXE Menu settings page.

    Thank you very much BPSTravis for suggesting and helping with the code on this.

  • r1295 released.

    Couple changes/edits/additions here.

    First, Hide menu is back in the picture. If the checkbox is selected, it will hide the menu, but still show the FOG Background. It tells the user it’s booting the system. It does have a key to get to the menu if you need to. If you press the key (notice I just said one) it will prompt for login. Then, when logged in, it will give the menu.

    As I’m testing with VM’s I need to use:
    [code]sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x80[/code]
    To boot my systems when testing. This isn’t always the case. If your systems are hanging change these lines (there’s two of them) to just say:
    It should release back to the bios and continue booting per your bios settings. Many systems are fine without the change, but some require it.

    It fixes the bzImage back to 64 bit, if that was broken I don’t know.

    HostManagementPage has the add functions set to allow hooking. Just as a proof of concept.

    GroupManagementPage. Starting to implement checking of all hosts and reading that data. Found a simple method to doing so. It, too, is proof of concept though. Just Image and Location is checked (if you have location enabled/installed). Will work on other elements as well.


    Thank you,

  • r1294 released.

    Just a few gui tweaks here and there.

    Thank you,

  • r1292, 1293 released.

    Fixes a couple issues found on the boot menu. Sorry I make mistakes too. The issues reported were no sysinfo menu option and snapin tasks cause boot loop. These should be corrected for now.

    Thank you,

  • r1291 released.

    Fixes the patch for chntpw so it works with 140201 version.

    Adds the init_32.xz file.

  • r1290 released.

    Add build scripts. Adjust for 32/64 bit. Buildroot 32 doesn’t seem to work…yet and fails specifically on chntpw, will need to look into. Add ipxe build scripts as well. Add 32 bit kernel. Fix error thrown for hwinfo page and remove the “submenu” link as it’s unnecessary. Edit changelog. Remove .config from buildroot, must use either 32 or 64, but only 64 is known to work at the moment.

    My 32 bit init.xz, currently, is failing on chntpw building. Will need to look into.

  • No, I’ve removed it completely. It’s not needed at all.

  • Developer

    does TFTP_PXE_CONFIG_DIR also need updating?

  • r1289 released.

    Re insert kernel dir for updating. If updating chown -R fog <fogweb>/service/ipxe command to allow the ftp of t
    he file. Also update FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->FOG_TFTP_PXE_KERNEL_DIR field to to full path of the ipxe folder (e.g. /var/www/fog/service/ipxe, or /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe).

    Sorry about the oversight.

  • r1288 released.

    Multicast Port generation, which is randomly generated as long as it doesn’t match the currently used port, has been fixed to only use ports between 49152 and 65534 (even numbered only) so we don’t run into a possible port entry on port 80 (web), 20, or other evenly needed ports.

  • r1287 released.

    Fixes an issue where the Storage node Sub menu items were not populating properly.