• r1286 released.

    Fixes my dumb broken undionly.kpxe file. Sorry about that.

  • r1285 released.

    Adds quite a few components.

    GUI First:
    Only change here is, on the FOG Configuration Page in FOG Settings (FOG Configuration->FOG Settings) You used to have to type search or list in the field. While this worked, it left the work up to the user to actually type something properly. I think it defaulted to search, but in either case, it’s now setup as a Drop Down option. Thank you BPSTravis. He’s new to the forums, but has been hunkered in the webchat.freenode.net #fogimaging irc channel for, I guess, quite some time. So as he suggested and gave me the code base to work with, i added it with ease.

    The change here is really just to the /etc/fstab to auto mount the efivarsfs system. I don’t think it will work yet, but it is there for when we finally get uefi accessible. The other change for the init.xz is I’ve updated efibootmgr to 0.6.0.

    I read a LOT of things dealing with efi/uefi lately and I found a few issues in my bzImage. I went through and corrected where needed. Just updated so efi should, when we get there again, load/mount properly from a kernel aspect now as well.
    NOTE: it’s possible already to use this bzImage if we get efi pxe loading, so no changing anything is needed. I’ve added the stub support almost for as long as I’ve been building kernels for FOG.

    Updated and posted in both the src/buildroot tree and the kernel tree to reflect the messages you see in the bzImage section.

    I’ve built the snponly.efi ipxe (pxelinux.0 equivalent) file using the same embed script we see in use for the undionly.kpxe file.

    I’ve updated my “git” tree of ipxe and rebuilt this binary. That’s it. I need to keep updating until, at least, we finally have UEFI iPXE boot menu just like the original. This file is just the element of the current updates: 2014-03-05

    I’ve updated from 0.5.4 to 0.6.0. That’s it. I believe this version actually supports both sysfs_efivars and efivarsfs. This is not currently scripted anywhere, but it is there for when we are finally able to use it.

    All the scripts have been, properly now, updated so you all could try building your own init.xz should you so choose. The config for this is updated as well. Preferably, if you copy the folder, just copy fog.buildroot.config as .config.

    Hopefully this is descriptive enough.

    Please feel free to chime in if you can help with ipxe uefi boot or other things needed.

    Thank you,

  • r1283 and r1284 released.

    r1283 Make BootMenu slightly more dynamic. Uses, for verification, the verifyCreds() function rather than having remake it. Uses extra get variable, but all auth should go through here and just pass a new get, verify which get to send to right places.

    r1284 just removed a commented out if statement in the BootMenu.class.php

  • The init.gz file is compatible with FOG 0.32, but not without some revisions. The only major changed needed is to download the FOG 0.32 package. Copy the src/buildroot/package/customize/fog folder to buildroot-2014.02/package/

    You should have made it compatible with FOG 0.32 and 64 bit none-the-less.

  • You simple just download the buildroot package. Extract. Then you take the src/buildroot folder, copy all of the files from that directory into the extracted buildroot folder. For example:
    [code]cp -r svn/trunk/src/buildroot/* buildroot-2014.02/[/code]

    That’s it.

  • Is the 64 bits init/buildroot & kernel compatible with fog 0.32 (that is without iPXE, and with the “old” task informations) ?

    Also, could you provide some details about how you get from buildroot to the init.gz ? It’s not trivial to get buildroot by itself, but I’ve seen that using your tarball, there are FOG patches that were already applied in partimage… And well, a single error in the buildroot compilation can get quite frustrating 😉

  • Developer

    [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 23744, member: 7271”]Just as I stated before.

    From menuconfig

    Target packages->Debugging, profiling and benchmark, kexec. I also have added the kexec zlib support as well.[/quote]

    I will try to built it again. I test your int.xz and the kexec works fine and I boot one linux distro from debug mode when the W7 partition is the default boot. Now, i must to think how to make a “boot task”.

  • r1282 released.

    With this comes, hopefully, the fix for the fog.statusreporter to return the proper size of the image. The scripts should be updated to just in case people try building their own init.xz/gz file. I’m currently up to 2014.02 now as well for the buildroot package in use. Just so others understand. I will update my site shortly if you’ve been using that for instruction.

    The thing added to this release besides the fog.statusreporter is login verification (fog login that is) for the quick host delete option on the boot menu. This way we don’t have the capability of every user to delete the host from fog.

  • r1280 released.

    Fixes an issue with the SubMenu.class.php file. We should no longer have an error being thrown, but then again I could be wrong.

    r1281 released.

    Domain join now uses the domain\username properly. You don’t need to specify domain\user in the user field, just specify the domain in the domain field and the user in the user field. It will combine them for the joining time as domain\user automatically.

  • not yet, working slowly to create one

    I’m kind of partial to svn atm though as well, so it may be a bit.

  • Moderator

    You don’t happen to have an official Github repo do you?

  • r1279 released.

    Only change is added my name to the footer per Chucks request. A few other changes populated, but it was just me testing the hooking stuff. Nothing of any real significance.

  • This post is deleted!

  • r1278 released.

    Fixes a double $ sign on line 332 of the BootMenu.class.php file.

    Thank you,

  • r1276 and r1277 released.

    Just tweaking the init.gz so partclone works again properly with ncurses. You MUST have udev fs for ncurses to work apparently. I knew this was was just testing things out for efi translation later on I think.

    r1277 should fix the errors thrown from SubMenu.class.php, though I don’t know for sure yet.

  • Just as I stated before.

    From menuconfig

    Target packages->Debugging, profiling and benchmark, kexec. I also have added the kexec zlib support as well.

  • Developer

    I find it in /usr/sbin, sorry :oops:
    You must say me how make you it 🙂

  • It should have kexec, but I’ll take a look. Sorry if I missed it.

  • Developer

    This new init.zx don’t have kexec, no? 😞

  • r1274 released.

    No majorly huge change. efibootmgr is now built. As it’s a custom package for init.xz, it’s configuration information has been setup within the src/buildroot/package tree.

    Linux kernel has to be built with this under a specialized method. For this, the TomElliott.config file has been updated in kernel folder.

    init.gz is no more, it’s now init.xz just so people know from the extension what type of compression it is. Just remember when compressing it back if making customizations to use [code]xz -d -C crc32[/code] If you’re doing an update, make the change in FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->FOG_PXE_BOOT_IMAGE. If doing a clean install, you should be fine as I’ve updated the ubuntu/redhat functions.sh to reflect this new change.

    r1275 released.

    Just adds the TomElliott.config to the src/buildroot folder for ease later on.