• Hello,

    I’m actually using a Fog server 0.32 and looking to upload some Linux image.

    Wich system files is supporting Fog ?
    I get some trouble by using EXT4, should I use EXT3 ? Is the LVM supported ?

    I remove the swap partition and use a single partition EXT3.

    I’m actually working with an host using Ubuntu Server 11.04 i386

    The upload of the host image is not always working, sometime it just create the mbr and img files, the host is working during a very short instant and display the message “Image uploaded” and “Task complete!”

    Any idea ?

  • Thank’s for the tips !!
    I finally use EXT3 and everyting is working fine now.


  • Hi, I’ve had a similar problem while deploying the image for a ext4 Linux base PC.

    // UPLOAD
    1)You have to use the Raw Mode (dd) (takes a lot longer 😞 ) to Upload the Image

    1)Setup your machine to Start in DEPLOY DEBUG (HOSTS->BASIC TASKS)
    2)After you client starts execute vi /bin/fog

    • Goto to line 595,597 and change “gunzip” keyword to “sh /usr/bin/gunzip”
      3)Execute fog, and your deploy should start.

    In 0.32 Fog you can upload an ext4 image in dd mode, but, it seems that when you deploy the image the fog script cannot find gunzip (althouth the PATH is defined)

    That’s how i’ve fixed, as we speak i’m deploying a Kubuntu image in ext4 🙂

    Hope this comments was usefull.

  • FOG .32 does not support the EXT4 filesystem. This will be added to FOG .33 which the RC1 of .33 should be released anytime now if the developers haven’t run into any big problems.

  • Developer

    We use fog 0.30, and I upload/deploy linux images without problems. FOG uses Partimage to clone, and Partimage doesn’t support EXT4 partitions. I have uploaded/deployed a Centos with LVM, but FOG makes me a dd image.