FEDORA 19 <- MYSQL is no more MARIADB is now in place.

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    When somebody uses Fedora 19, the yum commands to install mysql and mysql-server are now installing mariadb and mariadb-server.

    This in and of itself is fine, but the functions.sh file in lib/redhat is looking for and rpm named mysql which it fails. The same thing is happening for php-mysql which is now installed on Fedora 19 as php-mysqlnd

    I’ve posted fog_0.33b File specifically for Fedora 19 that installs and operates.


    Thank you,

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    I certainly can, just need to figure out the best approach.

    if rpm -qa|grep “maria” || rpm -qa|grep “mysql” or something along those lines.

  • Moderator

    Can we modify the install scripts to check for mysql and php packages, and failover to the mariadb and mysqlnd packages, and failover to an error message/prompt for package name/quit afterwards? What are your thoughts on handling changing package names as new OS releases come out?

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