• I’m using a lenovo B590, i wipe the hard drive and install Linux 12.04. I’m using a laptop with Linux and a brand new 5 port switch[COLOR=#ff0000] IS THIS CORRECT[/COLOR]? everything is not connected to a network, the Linux SERVER laptop has a CAT5 wired to a switch and from the switch to another laptop that i will be uploading the image and installing the fog client on. [COLOR=#ff0000]is this CORRECT[/COLOR] ? I’m able to install fog using the video tutorial on fog project website. i set my static ip as follow , Ip Address Net mask: gateway and under dns server : and save wired connection [COLOR=#ff0000]is this CORRECT[/COLOR] ? my wireless would usually connect but i remove this connection from the wireless network configuration. [COLOR=#ff0000]is this CORRECT[/COLOR] ? only connection is the wired one i set. i then follow to install fog using sudo,

    Here is my Install Setting,
    Ip address to be used by this fog server :
    would you like to set up a router address for the dhcp server : Y
    what is the ip address to be used for the router on the dhcp server:
    would you like to set up a dns address for the dhcp server and client boot image : Y
    what is the ip address to be used for the dns on the dhcp server and client boot image:
    would you like to change the network inter fence from etho : N
    Would you like to use fog server for dhcp services : Y

    when i install i left all mysql password blank , I’m able to install the server and I’m able to get to the management console, i was able to update the schema. The problem I’m having is when i install the client it asked you for a[COLOR=#ff0000] ip address on the client install wizard I’m unsure what TO PUT HERE , I’ve been putting in IS THIS CORRECT? [/COLOR]

    MY MAIN PROBLEM IS WHEN I PXE BOOT MY OTHER MACHINE. When it boots in the in the DHCP when pxe booting I’m able to see some information, ip related but it then starts a [COLOR=#ff0000]tftp and it gives a ERROR Times out[/COLOR]. I’m clueless .WHAT TO DO HERE PLEASE HELP ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED THANK You

    IS THERE ANYTHING I MISS DURING THE INSTALL ik you have to gedit the passwords file which i did. I BELIEVE MY SERVER IS SET UP OK BC IM able to get to the management console. or the dhcp is not starting i have been reading the wiki’s and spice but has had no luck fairly new to linux but willing to learn.

  • Just in my personal experiences I have never had to set up the DNS and as far as the address for the dhcp server, I always set mine to match the fog address, it works for me. As far as having your fog server on a laptop, you are going to have to run a couple of different commands in the terminal every time you turn on the laptop…

    [CODE]sudo stop tftpd-hpa
    sudo start tftpd-hpa[/CODE]

    this is all going off of my head, try it and see if you have any luck

  • is my hardware set up correctly ? is my static ip configuration good?" thank you

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    If you are running Ubuntu 12.04 and have rebooted your service machine since installing FOG (tftpd-hpa in particular), then the tftp service may not have started properly. Restart the tftpd-hpa service and see if that helps with your issue. Search the forums for problems with tftp and ubuntu 12.04 and you should find all the info you need.