• Can anyone give a brief walkthrough for assigning a host kernel. Ive followed the guide here: [url]http://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/show/2338-setting-up-fog-to-use-different-kernels-for-different-computers[/url]

    But no madder what i do any computer i try to image always pulls the default bzImage instead of the one i specify.

    fog .32 on ubuntu 10.04.4

  • Believe i followed the instructions to a “T” but it still boots to the default bzImage, i made the default the latest core kernel, and the specific kernel i wanted to set, to the kitchen sink, so there would be a visual difference. Each time i schedule a task it boots to the bzImage and you can see that it is not the same kernel. Added a few screen shots to hopefully show whatever stupid mistake it is I’m making.



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    any task called form the pxe boot menu will use the default bzImage. Only jobs scheduled from the WebUI will use the kernel you specify for the host.

    What this means is that if you can’t get the default kernel to run to register the hosts, you’re in a bit of a pickle. You either have to manually register the hosts, or find/compile a kernel that works.

    1. Download the specific kernel from here:


    1. Copy it to the FOG server to:


    1. Go to Host Management in FOG GUI and choose the host, that is supposed to load the specific kernel. Under “Host Kernel” include the path to the specific kernel (leave out /tftpboot/ in the path): fog/kernel/name_of_kernel

    2. Click “Update”.

    That’s it. Now the chosen host should load the specific kernel.