ISO Tutorial: How to set fog to overwrite images

  • Due to space limitations I would like to set my fog to overwrite the client image every I upload it on the server.

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    There is a post/wiki article somewhere around here that shows how to customize fog to prompt you for which drives to include in a task.

  • Try multiple Partition, single disk in the image setup.

  • ahhhh it is a mirrored drive. That brings me to other questions. How do I select one of the drives? On my new server (windows 2012) I have a raid 5 (3 drives)…

    Thanks for the information 🙂

  • This is really odd, it looks like you uploaded two images at the same time, or had the image setup for Multiple Partition Image, All Disks and it just so happened that both Disks had, very nearly, the same information. Maybe check this setting out as well. Do you have, more or less, the same OS on two disks in the same system that you can switch in the BIOS?

  • Thanks for pointing that out to me. I assumed since it was the same computers I’ve imaged before and the space was not a problem then and now it seems to be a problem …and when I looked at the image folders and saw:

    07/10/2013 11:45 PM 512 d2.mbr
    07/10/2013 11:45 PM 180,318,726,114 d1p1.img
    07/11/2013 04:57 AM 180,318,738,292 d2p1.img
    07/10/2013 04:55 PM 512 d1.mbr

    Did I somehow make two images? I’ll check the wiki to see what is going on. Thanks for setting me on the right path.

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    Raff is right, as long as you assign the image in the hosts section, when you upload it overwrites the current image information with the new information, the only way to keep if from doing this is to assign a new image each time you upload and adjust the image for the host properly.

  • It already does that.