Ubuntu 11.10 no longer supported

  • I have FOG installed on ubuntu 11.10 which is no longer supported by linux. No security updates, etc.

    Can I upgrade my ubuntu version without breaking FOG? Which distribution would you suggest?

  • edit (nano or vi) " /etc/default/tftpd-hpa " and add “sleep 30” on the top line so it looks like :

    [I][B]sleep 30[/B][/I]
    [I][B]# /etc/default/tftpd-hpa[/B][/I]
    [I][B]# FOG Modified version[/B][/I]

    will have to restart the service or reboot

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    If you upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, there is a small problem with the tftpd-hpa service being started before the network interface has an IP address bound to it. There are many posts on these forums and the internet about how to modify the start-up script to delay the start of the tftpd-hpa service.

  • It is a physical box and I am running the GUI. What do you mean by using the sleep command and restarting the tftp server?

    I am not that familiar with linux to run a Server release.

  • Sorry, I was thinking something else, is it a physical box or a VM? If it’s a VM you can always take a snapshot and try. I generally have not have many issues with upgrading an OS, mainly with going to Ubuntu 12.xx, there are tftp issues, this however is solved by using the sleep command and restarting the tftp server.

    However, you wont need to upgrade if you don’t have to. It depends on your environment. We get fined if we are not running supported OS’s, which is why we upgraded to the next LTS. However, the way I look at Ubuntu:

    Regular releases are for desktops.

    LTS releases are geared more for server installs with a GUI - what I would recommend for most users on FOG who use Ubuntu.

    Server releases are only for server installs, all command line, no GUI. It’s extremely fast, extremely efficient, and most importantly, extremely reliable. From a cold boot, I have FOG loaded and ready to go in 20 seconds or less.

  • I am thinking about upgrading Ubuntu. The Wiki explains upgrading Fog. I am confused.

    If everything works properly now why would I need to update at all?

  • I would strongly recommend Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. This will be supported for 5 years. Although you won’t have the latest greatest features, you’d be much better off having an OS that is stable and is guaranteed support for a long while. This wiki page shows what changes and what does not, [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Upgrading_the_FOG_Server[/url]