• Hi all,

    Just like to start off with saying that I’m loving using FOG however my OCD is kind of getting the better of me.

    We have created a large number of images since we have started using FOG, deleting many that were no longer in use or just test images. I will be doing a clear up of these images and starting again (so i would like my images to be neatly ordered numerically), however when we delete an image the numerical tag that corresponds with that image stays with that deleted image. So my list of images currently reads something like:

    4 - “Dell Latitude E6500 - Ready to go”
    9 - “General Purpose - Ready to go”

    and so on…

    So we currently only have around 8 images but we are up to around 25 on the numerical tag.

    Sorry if my explanation isn’t quite understandable, but any help would be appreciated.


  • Thank you very much for your help, worked like a charm.

  • Chad-bisd, you actually helped me with this one a ways back before I got involved with SQL for work 🙂


  • Moderator

    I have an in depth guide to doing this including all the mysql commands you’ll need to run. It’s in these forums if you search for it. “renumber” or “reorder” are probably good keywords to search on.