Auto shutdown PC after image

  • I have built this script process that finishes the fog imaging for us.
    is VERY useful and it’s just the finish the fogproject needs.

    I don’t have time to explain this now,
    Put the prep folder in the local C:\ of the image

    It’s all open and I have attached a PDF to show the workflow.
    You will need to update with passwords etc for your systems.

    I’m happy to help, anyone who want to give it a go. Just ask and we can do it here for others to read.


  • Moderator

    [LEFT]When Kyle fully explains this you will see it is an amazing and complete setup!![/LEFT]
    [LEFT] [/LEFT]
    [LEFT]Have been using it for quite a while now, cheers buddy!![/LEFT]

  • Developer

    Man you are a scripting machine thanks for sharing these with us!

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