Aspire one kav10 problem deploying windows 7 x86

  • It only get to 3% then it finish. Is this not compatible with fog?

    Thanks for the help

  • When I created the image on fog gui I usually select “Multiple partition image - single disk” But I will try using “Multi Disk - All partitions (no resize)” James suggested. Also, I did install fresh win7 just.

    I will come for feed back.

  • Moderator

    If FOG dies early in the imaging process, it may indicate that you have extra partitions that FOG cannot process. Did you install Windows 7 clean, or are you trying to image a computer that was loaded by the OEM (HP, Dell, etc). Most PC’s imaged by big companies have an integrated recovery partition that is incompatible with the partition clone package used by FOG.

  • Developer

    Windows 7 is supported by Fog, there is even a FogPrep included if you visit [url]http://serveripaddress/client[/url] download and run.

    Not wanting to complete the upload process could be a number of problems, do you have other hardware available, are you able to fog and upload them?

    How do you have your image registered on your Image Management section? Did you set the partition type to “Multi Disk - All partitions (no resize)”? Try this. Others have had success by choosing “Vista” as the OS type as well.