• Greetings fellow foggers,

    I’m wondering if anyone can offer me any advice on the configuration of WOL with Cisco switches. Versus getting into extreme detail, is there any particular port or noticeable configuration that must be made on the switches to allow this to work?

    The problem were having is WOL WAS working if they were on the same subnet as the FOG server, however the FOG server resides on our server VLAN and all the client PC’s on whichever VLAN based on the switch. We’ve added the IP Helper Addresses on each switch to point back to the FOG server. I can image without a problem, I just cannot for the life of me get WOL to work. Here’s a few things I’ve checked and verified:

    1.) Under Fog Settings, I have made sure that the WOL_HOST and WOL_Path are correct.
    2.) I went as far as editing the WOL.php and referencing the correct broadcast addresses for my Class A network. (I used a subnet calculator to be certain).
    3.) I checked the config.php information to verify that all was correct and indeed all the information there is correct.
    4.) I have tried manually running a WOL command via http://[COLOR=#3366ff]FOG_WOL_HOST[/COLOR]/[COLOR=#3366ff]FOG_WOL_PATH[/COLOR]?wakeonlan=[COLOR=#3366ff]MAC [COLOR=#000000]and that is not working either.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3366ff][COLOR=#000000]5.) I checked to make sure that WOL.php is being called correctly and I’ve confirmed that it IS being called correctly. [/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#3366ff][COLOR=#000000]I’m completely stumped…[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Testers

    I found this patch on the source forge page, it says it is for .29, but not sure if it was implemented into the newer versions. But figured it was worth a shot


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    You may want to research IP directed broadcasts. The issue of getting WOL to work between different subnets and VLAN’s is not a FOG specific issue, so there is lots of information on the next about it. Cisco may also be able to help if you have a support contract with them.