Unable to login in to windows after using hostname Changer

  • So I changed my host name on the Fog server on my Windows 7 box. And I notice that it disables the old account and creates a new account in AD. I know when I manually change a host name the old host name would change to the new one in AD. However the issue i’m having is since using hostname changer When I hit control alt delete to login and try to login windows just hangs there. and never goes to the desktop I also tried Re-imaging the computer and it still will not login to the desktop. However if i boot to safe boot it will login with no issue. Has anyone esle every had this issue?

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  • Try PCUnlocker Live CD ( [url]http://www.top-password.com[/url] ), it enables you to reset forgotten password for both local administrator account and AD admin account.

  • Here it is.
    Easiest way is to use it to clear the password for the user.

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    Ever since Windows 2000 Server and AD back in the day, I’ve never had good luck changing a hostname while the computer is still joined to the domain. I know MS says it’s possible and it should work just like the documentation says, but I gave up on that after about 100 tries and many failures.

    The foolproof way to rename a computer that is part of the domain is to remove it from the domain, reboot, rename it, reboot, and join it back to the domain. Depending on the number of DC’s and their replication delay, you may want to wait up to an hour before you delete the old computer account from AD. It’s not elegant or ideal, but it’s fool proof. I’d rather know something worked even if it took longer, then have it happen real quick and spend hours trying to troubleshoot problems later that could have been avoided.

    My normal order of operations for renaming computers is to change the name of the computer in FOG, disjoin the computer from AD from the client console or remote session, remove the computer account from AD. Let the FOG client change the name and rejoin to AD. Move the computer account in AD to the proper OU and rejoin it to any groups.

    I don’t have to rename computers much, and when I do, they are generally in my office, so I can do these steps pretty quickly.

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    This is very peculiar, I would say you are on the right track, I was just making sure we are understanding each other correctly.

    I know that when you join the PC to the domain, you get a copy of the local security policy, pushed from the domain, it could be possible that the domain is disabling the account.

    You can try [url]http://www.pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/[/url] to re-enable the account I know other have had success with it.

  • I did that Thats where i changed the hostname in the first place and then after I restarted and it changed the hostname for me to reflect the one i set in the host management it wouldnt let me login to windows. I notice in ad when the name changed it disabled the old computer account with the old host name in ad and created a new computer account with the new host name in ad. I’m thinking thats the issue because when i used to change hostname In AD the computer account would just update to reflect the new name not created a new computer account. I deleted the old entry and now rebooting i will let you know if that fixed my issue or not.

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    Did you install the fog client? Did you update the host in your host management to reflect the change?

    With the FOG client installed I ran into some renaming issues and Novell, the client kept changing the host back to the name in the host management system causing log in issues until I updated the host name in the Host management system.