Post a problem, then never respond?

  • Just about 75% of the threads I have gone through OP doesn’t respond? They post a question and people offer help and OP never responds back. This is aggravating considering I’m on the FOG forum everyday trying to solve my problems with others, instead of creating a new thread. No hope?

    Just my 2¢

  • Moderator

    I use the “what’s new” link, and there are always plenty of new threads and updates for me. If people ask a question and never come back, I’ve got plenty to work with without trying to chase them down o_O

  • Well put Matt!

  • Absolutely. I’ve learned a lot from people on this forum and got some really decent ideas and concepts from here too… I believe you get out of a community what you give to it. I’m not sure if everything I’ve written is helpful but I’ve had a few likes, I’ve had a few thankyou’s from people, and I’ve thanked many more myself. There’s hope alright Waldo129, but you have to bear in mind we’re living in a very selfish world nowadays… dont let it put you off, there’s plenty of decent worthwhile people on this forum…

    I find I dont usually stay around after a few months if I dont feel welcome, and I’ve been here now since early last summer… well worth it!

  • I understand Waldo, I’m someone who asks questions on here and signs up for the email notifications so I know exactly when someone messages back. If you need help and someone provides help or even a response, I believe you should be polite and say thank you for at least taking the time to say something.

    Good point Waldo129.

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