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    Is there a way to make my FOG server show up as the first PXE and have presidence over the other PXE servers in my facility? There’s another PXE server located in another building, it is a Windows PXE server to push out our windows & and XP installs, I have to disconnect my computers form the other servers to get FOG to boot, I would prefer that in this building that it talks to my FOG server. Is there a setting where i can set it up as the main go to? Or would this fall under Routing?

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    You’re correct about the scope and topology, The problem I was running into, ultimately, is something within my network is preventing the pxelinux.0 from reaching it’s final destination. Part of the pxelinux.0 would be received but the rest kind of just floated in limbo.

    I have another topic where I went through troubleshooting steps and eventually, enabling a proxyDHCP service with dnsmasq resolved the issue.

    I appreciate your insight on this as well as your understanding of the network!

    Topic is here -> [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/tftp-problems.4163/[/url]

  • When you choose not to install the dhcp service while installing fog, you are choosing not to broadcast DHCP to other computers. DHCP restart, restarts the dhcp reception AND push commands so if you are not set to push dhcp addresses, you STILL WON’T do so. You are not pushing DHCP addresses from your fog machine, given what you have said.

    Your network is a windows network with multiple buildings?
    Thus I can assume that each building has a scope to itself? or is is one massive superscope with routers/gateways connecting each building?

    IF you have authority to image machines and work with the settings of the dhcp server, go to your core server and evaluate your network topology (how its set up) you want a different scope for each building as it allows you to micromanage your scope options per building and thus run fog in one building but not another. This also cuts down on the overhead in the server.

    So it should look like this :
    | | |
    a b c
    | | |
    1 2 3

    Where a, b and c are scopes with options set per scope and 1,2 and 3 are the buildings.
    This way you can have your cake and eat it too.

    IF you do not have the authority to mess with the dhcp core you can try an experiment in setting up multiple pxe boot addresses, when the first one connects it will go from there. In doing so you can disconnect the first address for a time and allow the machine to fail at the first address and move to the second. (this is theoretically possible in win serv dhcp but I’ve never tried it)

    Alternatively, and probably the best suggestion I could offer is to move to one imaging solution as this will resolve a host of headaches.

    Hope this helps

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    No, I guess I’m understanding it wrong.

    When I installed FOG I did a [N] Normal setup, Gave it the Router Address, Gave it the IP Address for the DNS server.

    I didn’t install the DHCP service, but while I was troubleshooting earlier I used one of the DHCP restart commands and the service started, I thought the service was provided from FOG and thought at that point I had installed the DHCP service and thought it could have been the reason I wasn’t seeing my FOG PXE unless i d/c from the network and use FOG only in that network group (no connection to other servers or internet).

  • If I’m following this correctly you’ve added a second DHCP server to your network (definitely not a good thing). The first options that come to mind are:
    []keep the FOG server on an isolated network and only connect your computers to that network for imaging
    ]disable the DHCP server on the FOG server and change the DHCP options on your main DHCP server to point to your FOG server

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    well that makes sense to me.

    I have a quick question, and I don’t want to open a new thread, I’m sure this is answered someplace I’m just not using the right search words for it, and it falls right in line with this.

    The reason I ask about presidence is because the only way to get my computers to default to the FOG server is if I disconnect it to the rest of my network. Did I do it correctly by installing and setting up DHCP? Would it be different had I not set up DHCP and instead disabled? Still a newbie here this is way different than using linux to store web hosting files (kinda I mean there are similarities with the apache and php and stuff) hahahaha

  • As far as I understand it, it’s one PXE server per DHCP scope. So whichever server is listed in the DHCP options for any given scope is the one who gets serve PXE for that scope.