• Tengo un iMac 21.5 inc con macOS Monterey. Estoy intentado conectarme al servidor FOG, pero no soy capaz. ¿Conocen alguna forma de conectarme al servidor FOG desde el mac para crear una imagen?

    Se que FOG funciona a traves de PXE y se tendria que buscar/habilitar una forma de hacerlo en el iMac.


    I have an iMac 21.5 inc running macOS Monterey. I am trying to connect to the FOG server, but I am not able to. Do you know of a way to connect to the FOG server from the mac to create an image?

    I know that FOG works through PXE and you would have to find/enable a way to do it on the iMac.

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    @thedark5776 said in Realizando imagen de MAC:

    So in order for the Mac to connect to the FOG server, does Fog have to handle DCHP itself?

    No. You can try to make your existing DHCP server to properly answer the Mac bootp protocol or use other methods like “bless” (see mentioned wiki article) or USB boot (George’s answer). I don’t have a Mac myself for testing so this is all just from information gathered over the years.

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    @thedark5776 First I don’t know macs, I haven’t touched one since the early 1990s, but what I’ve seen on the FOG Project forums is that people will use my USB boot method to boot into FOG via a bootable USB stick.

    The second issue you will have is some of the newer macs (I think 2018 and newer) have a built in security chip called the T2 chip. This chip needs special patches done to the FOS Linux kernel to boot under these newer mac computers. The usb boot stick will work even with the T2 chip mac.

    Here is the tutorial that explains how to create the FOS Linux USB boot image: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/7727/building-usb-booting-fos-image Make sure you read it because there are several limitations using this method. But you should be able to image mac computers.

    Look at the FOG Forum chat for some additional hints.

    Update: If you can boot into the FOS Linux engine via USB and start to image a computer but get a warning message a about not able to read the file system with partclone, then you should take the latest init.xz from the FOG server and put it on this usb drive. The latest version of FOG and later have an updated driver for the Apple File System.

  • @sebastian-roth ¿Entonces para que pueda conectar el Mac al servidor FOG, tiene que encargarse el mismo fog del DCHP?

    So in order for the Mac to connect to the FOG server, does Fog have to handle DCHP itself?

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    @TheDark5776 I suggest you start reading the article FOG in a Mac in the wiki.