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    Wanted to ask if i were to enhance FOG Project max host name character to 50 is it possible to make the enhancement?

    As what i look on the code i just have to change the table structure & host name validation. Is there any things i need to take/notes?

    Why I need to make this changes due to I need to rename the host with longer name for some automation use case.

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    @wt_101 Well juggling three with running chainsaws doesn’t make it a bad idea, does it?

    The 15 character limit is a windows NT thing. Since the majority of the folks that use fog for image deployment the developers have set it to 15 characters. If you have a use case where you need more than 15, I don’t see the harm in expanding it to more than 15 characters. That is the beauty of opensource. If it doesn’t work for you out of the box, if you have the skills you can change it.

    You just need to be mindful if you have to interact with windows that the computer name might get truncated 15 characters when the computer name is set.

    But also be aware that I don’t know of anyone who has tried to set computer names long that the MS defined standards either. Other things in FOG may break (thinking fog client if its hard coded at 15 characters).

  • @george1421 said in Host Name Max Characters:


    I just look up from google the host name for windows is 15 characters. If i were to customized it should I remain the limit for windows?

    The enhancement for more characters length is only for linux os usage instead of windows

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    @wt_101 This is really a question for the developers, but…

    Looking into the code it looks like you can update the database schema to 50 and then change the web ui from 15 to 50 characters in here fog/lib/pages/hostmanagementpage.class.php search for maxlength="15"

    I don’t see any other restrictions. There may be some qualifications when importing hosts via the web ui, but it looks like most of the code just takes hostname as it was entered.

    As you are debugging this keep an eye on the php-fpm error log in /var/logs directory. If something unexpected happens in the UI, look there for the details on what happened.