FOG and different types of hardware

  • Hi guys,
    I appreciate your help first of all.
    New at FOG but I am using it as someone left it behind in our place of work.
    We have been imaging LENOVO machines with no problem, but we tried imaging HP ZBook Firefly 14s with no success and FOG goes into a loop.
    We do not know what to do next, or where to try to update.
    Any help will be really appreciated
    Thank you!

  • @nadachowski

    I also have the drivers copied from the FOGServer to the PC after deployment. If the script does not find the path, because I forgot to create it or it is written incorrectly, I also have the problem.

    Although the actual image was transferred, FOG thinks that it is not complete, although only the drivers are missing.

    Maybe it is similar with you?
    At the end of the deployment come with me still some notes or halt the error message.

  • Moderator

    @nadachowski I agree with David on this one. We need to know a bit more about what/where FOG goes into a loop. I clear picture of the error would set the context of your problem.

    What version of FOG are you running? (hint latest isn’t the right answer)
    What version of the FOS Linux kernel are you using (Web UI -> FOG Configuration -> Kernel Update (I suggest you have 5.15.x or later)
    Do you get to the FOG iPXE menu? If no then you might need to rebuild the iPXE boot loaders.

    I could go on and on with 20 questions, but having a detailed picture of the problem will get you a better answer quicker.

  • @nadachowski said in FOG and different types of hardware:

    FOG goes into a loop.

    Please be as specific as possible. Can you provide screenshots or pictures?