Alma 8, Rocky 8, Fedora 35, Debian 11 - Now being tested

  • Hello Fog Community!

    I’m happy to inform that as the title says, Alma 8, Rocky 8, Fedora 35, and Debian 11 have been added to the daily installation tests. Fedora 32 has been removed.

    In addition to this, I’ve re-enabled testing the working-1.6 branch as I see there is now some activity there. I’ve also implemented HTTPS for the installation results. And, I’ve added links at the bottom of the test results to the external reporting dashboard, and vice-versa as well. I’ve also done some extensive maintenance & care on the testing code base. It’s been upgraded from Python2 to Python3, among other improvements relating to speed and cost. If you’re interested, this was the pull request for the changes.

    I’m thinking a lot on bringing back the streak counts, because they were really fun to watch. Though in addition to this, I want to capture execution time and other figures, and produce some pretty graphs for these things rather than just a number. Will be thinking on this.

    Also thinking on adding some CI/CD stuff to the tests, where people can submit changes to the test suite and they “become real” shortly later in the test environment. Though for this, I do need to control it as things are not free in AWS. Thinking to make the test suit it’s own repo, and allowing others to submit pull requests. Upon pull request merge by me, Jenkins would implement the changes automatically. There’s both Terraform as well as the actual tests that could be affected.

    Another thing I was thinking about is adding UI testing via selenium. The UI could be tested for every branch, with a fresh set of OS patches applied, every day, automatically. Though, I have very little experience with Selenium. Though the nice thing about such tests is we’d only need to have 1 set of tests as there’s only one UI, rather than independent code per operating system like I have to maintain for the installation tests. Selenium test results would be displayed on the same page as the installation tests.

    I realize FOG is in maintenance mode. Though, I must admit I really enjoy doing these devops-ey type things for fog.

  • Moderator

    @Wayne-Workman Really awesome work. Thank you so much for all this as well as new ideas!

    I definitely vote for more testing as it’s still mostly manual work. Though I have to admit that I can’t see me working on this.