• Hello everyone! I was looking into refreshing the passwords on our fog server and storage nodes, but I’ve never done this before. I’m currently running centos 8 and have two user accounts, “admin” and “fogproject”. I’m not aware of what the password is for fogproject, but I read in the password central wiki for fog that it’s randomly generated. With this being said, I just want to update the root password and the admin password. If I was to change the root password and the “admin” password, would I break anything in FOG? Are those two accounts just for back-end maintenance?

    Also, is it a pain to also update the mySQL password?


  • @george1421 I will go ahead and start off with changing the root and the admin passwords. Those are the two that I was really wanting to change. Thank you for your time!

  • Moderator

    @djslimd1k You can change any password other than the linux user fogproject and the mysql user fogdb (I think) and there is another one that has fog in the name which is for storage node access. FOG only uses those non-powerful accounts. So you can change the linux users root and admin if that makes you happy.