• Team,

    Is it safe to run yum update on a fogserver? I want to add a second disk to my VM on our Archive Storage and use exFat as the FS system. In order to do that I need to run yum update and install the update packages.


  • @sebastian-roth Thank you for the response! I’m assuming I should keep EXT4. I haven’t updated this thing in a while. I was planning to take a snapshot first but wanted to have a little better clarity. I’m running 1.58 so I will also update to 1.5.9 as well.

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    @Technolust Well in general CentOS updates are pretty stable and shouldn’t cause any harm as far as my experience goes (several years of automated updates on CentOS 6/7/8). Though there is some chance for things to go wrong if you have not updated in a very long time. There is no rule saying that after a year or two without updating it will go wrong. You just never know.

    Your best bet is to shutdown the FOG server VM (for a clean state of the DB) and then take a snapshot just before you want to yum update.

    The other route you can go is yum install exfat-utils fuse-exfat which should skip all the other packages that need upgdating. But I highly recommend you take the first route and keep your server updated on a weekly basis from now on. Snapshot and update to be safe.

    and use exFat as the FS system

    Not really sure this is the best choice for storing images but that’s up to you.