Move images between storage groups

  • Hi everyone!

    At my office we have used Fog for some time now, but we have deployed images from our file server that is in a server hall.
    Now we have decided to replace quite a few computers so we wanted to have everything local in order to avoid having the rest of our network under heavy load, so we bought a Synology NAS.

    We managed to setup the new storge group on our synology NAS from which we can capture and deploy images.
    No problems, a lot faster, but i can’t for the life of me figure out how to ******* move the images from storage Group A to storage group B.
    The files are properly transferred using NFS, but how do i make Fog detect that they have been transferred?

    Any registry i can change to make them understand that they have been moved?

    Choosing which storage group to capture to is easy when you create the image, but there doesn’t seem to be a option to move it.

    Any help is appriciated, cheers

  • Moderator

    @Gameman @george1421 The wording (“bug”) kept me from looking at this for a while now. Found a bit of time to look into this and I think it’s not a bug really. When editing an image definition there is no drop down for “Storage Group” but a whole new settings tab for this (right of “General”). Here you all should be able to assign images to different storage groups as you wish.

    Though I have to admit that it might be a bit of a challenge to find this. Not sure why it was designed like this in 1.5.x.

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    @developers I’ve discovered a “bug” in the web ui in regards to this OPs issue. When you create a new image, you are given the option to assign a “Storage Group” to the image. If you go into edit the image definition (as in the case the OP needs) the Storage Group field is missing. Just not locked for read only, the field is gone. I was using 1.5.7 on a test server and updated it to with the same results.

    To the OPs issue. It looks like right now the only way to change them is from the database and sql query. I can help you with that if that is what you want to do.