• Okay…first off i’m the one in a million guy,.

    If you do a quick delete of PC1 and you know that inside the FOG server PC1 is already there and working (not sure how the host I need to reimage got the PC1 name), will it try to delete the PC1 on the FOG Server, which is correct and working? I’m trying to reimage PC2, but it shows the hostname as PC1, but the MAC on the machine (PC2) is NOT the same as what PC1 shows on the FOG server?

    Sorry…clear as mud? Will Quick Delete, delete only the hostname that’s currently on PC2, so I can put in the correct name and continue on without deleting the PC1 hostname and config that’s on the FOG server?

    PC2 is nowhere to be found on the FOG server.

    Please advise… If it can happen…it’s gonna happen to me LOL

  • @sebastian-roth Thanks!! We will double your pay! I love the FOG project and I really appreciate the FOG community! thanks again!

  • Moderator

    @stu If you have access to the FOG web UI you can simply rename hosts (change the hostname) within FOG. Be aware this is just the name used by FOG itself and it will even try to rename the host within Windows if fog-client is installed and working correctly. But really the name is just a name in the database used by FOG itself. Simply change it if you like. No need to delete.