• Moderator

    Would like to request for another field in the Host Management page of each host, where we can type in the Host Location.

    What do people think? …just athought that it could help with reports

  • Moderator

    cant use description field, but why didn’t I think of the IP field haha thanks

  • Moderator

    Would it work to reuse one of the fields that already exists, such as description or ip address? I think in FOG 0.33, the Host IP field is going away, but you could use it or the description field in FOG 0.32 until we can get a plug in that might store and display that information without modifying the base FOG tables.

  • Moderator

    That is a cool addition!

    But I meant more of somewhere to type in the room numbers etc
    Location: finance office, admin office, LRC, technical services office,

  • Moderator

    Doing plug-ins like this are what I’m really excited about in future FOG versions. I know it’s technically possible to make a plug-in, such as Capone, but I haven’t found a really good description or manual on how to do it in FOG 0.32. I think FOG 0.33 is going to make it easier to implement things like this, but I don’t know for sure.

  • Developer

    The solution, maybe, is create a new management layer, and not create a new atribute in Host class.
    See, we have modificated FOG code to add a new layer call “Site”. The hosts are linked to one “Site” and one or more technicians are linked to the “Site”, too. The technician only see the hosts and the images of his “Site”.