creating Bootable ISO from FOG captured image

  • Hello,

    We are looking solution for offline users. We will use FOG server deployment for connected users. We want to create an ISO from FOG captured image and copy that to a USB stick and use that stick to build offline laptops.

    Is it possible? If so please provide documentation


  • Moderator

    With several people asking about a bootable ISO/transportable imaging I am wondering if there might be an “easy” solution to this. While I don’t have the time to add this to FOG I might still spawn the discussion so others can look into it.

    • I looked into building a FOG boot ISO some weeks ago. While possible to do I still think it’s more complicated to use than needed - see next bullet point.
    • Converting our FOG images to something that clonezilla can work with should be possible. I have not looked into it yet but from what I know it should be possible I reckon.

    Update: Forgot to add the link…

  • Developer

    @g-sivakolunthu while possible, it’s not what fog is made for and you would have a bunch of manual steps. you might want to look at clonezilla for imaging with online images possibly in combination with gparted for partition resizing.