• I have several images that have ‘stopped working’ here recently. One image hasn’t been touched in two years and when I imaged the computer it would not recognize ANY device that I plugged into it.

    Yesterday I made and uploaded a brand new image for a LAT 6410 and then imaged the SAME computer with the SAME image. If I plug in ANY device windows tells me the driver cannot be found. This has happened to my 5500, 6400, 6410, and some other OptiPlex images.

    I REALLY don’t think FOG is doing this . . more likely a Windows issue, but I want to cover my bases.

  • Also you could try to specify some settings in your unattend.xml sysprep answer file:


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    what image type (resizable, multiple partition, etc) are you using? Usually when I image a machine and it has wierdness, it’s because something didn’t restore correctly when the image was pushed and a redeploy of the image fixes it.

    Have you looked into the event viewer to see if you can get some clues to what might be wrong?