Capturing Image from VirtualBox VHD VM?

  • Hi I created a based Master image in VirtualBox using VHD as storage option. I did all I need to do to the image and I sysprep it. I captured the image into FOG and the image is there. I tested the image by deploying to a computer but when the computer finishes imaging and it reboots. It does no boot. I look in the BIOS and I see that the Boot Option are just ipv4 and ipv6 no hard drive is there, the image deletes the HDD boot option? What can be causing this issue?

  • @george1421 Target is UEFI, image was captured in Legacy VM. Will try again with VM in UEFI mode

  • Moderator

    @tesparza Well we need to get a few things straight here.

    I assume you are building a uefi golden image? When deploying it to a target computer (vm) is that VM in uefi mode? For the uefi firmware, if it detects a uefi boot disk it will add that boot disk into the boot manager. If it can’t locate a valid uefi boot disk, it will only display uefi pxe booting options. Remember that you can only deploy a uefi source image to a uefi target computer, the same holds true for a bios source image, it can only go to a bios based target computer.

    I would start out by making sure your source and target VMs are setup the same way, bios, memory, disk and such. If they are then you can start to debug this issue by scheduling another deploy task to the target VM but before you tick the schedule task button, check the debug checkbox. Now pxe boot the target computer. After a few screens of text on the target computer you should be dropped to a fos linux command prompt. Understand where you should be is on the target computer where you just previously deployed the image, but now you are in debug mode. Key in the following command, lets see what the existing disk structure looks like lsblk

    Once we know that we can debug this issue a bit more.