• Has anyone had any success imaging Macs with FOG recently? I have a lab of iMacs arriving any day and I need a solution to imaging / managing them. I hear they have an MDM but I could only imagine cost on it.

    I did look through the forums and see that their is a specific method to getting them to PXE boot. I also saw the bit about the security features within the Mac OS that you have to overcome in order to get this to work.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!


  • @joe-gill


    The real answer for Mac is DEP & MDM. There are free MDMs like https://manager.mosyle.com this is missing a few key features that could be rounded out with open source tools like https://github.com/munki/munki

    The key to all of this is that you have an Apple Business manager or Apple School Manager account and the devices enrolled there so they get enrollment packages at first startup.

    If you have more questions reddit.com/r/macsysadmin is an OK resource, as well as https://www.macadmins.org slack channel. Then there is always JAMF Nation which is another apple MDM but the forum has broad apple questions and answers that apply not only to JAMF