PXE-less booting with auto join domain feature

  • Hi, I would like to know the possibility of using FOG to clone PC, with auto domain join feature, via USB booting: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/7727/building-usb-booting-fos-image

    Understand that some of the features are limited via USB booting, was wondering if the auto domain join function is one of it.

    Current setup: School Lab of 500 PCs, with PXE already used up for PVS. Admin told us to not use PXE boot 😧
    We need to clone the local hard disk (Windows 10 - UEFI) every semester & currently we’re using clonezilla + manually logging in each PC to join domain.

    PS: Thx for this amazing project!

  • Senior Developer

    @wasps-d You can automate the domain join with FOG by using the so called fog-client software. Installed in the master host before you capture the image. After the image is deployed to one or several other machines it boots into Windows, fog-client service is started, host rename, reboot and domain join happen automatically (if everthing is setup correctly). To be clear, whatever method of booting you use (PXE or USB), the domain join/rename will still work.

    That said I would still advise you to talk to your admin as many PXE systems can chainload from one to the other. I am not sure about PVS but it’s worth to take a look because it would make deployment of 500 PCs so much more convenient.