FOG Project call for engagement

  • @tom-elliott

    I understand that as it currently stands that isn’t possible. My recommendation was to see if it was possible to modify the FOG Project’s revenue stream in order to support the project long term.

    Other open source projects don’t charge for the product itself, but rather for support, or in the case of something like Zammad for feature requests. Between customers who want to pay for support and customers who want to pay for additional features it might be possible to increase the revenue stream enough to support 1 or 2 full time developers and hopefully additional support person/people.

  • @tom-elliott
    Big customers for me is institution or business who can donate this amount to support FOG.
    I was thinking a bit more “big customers” who use FOG all days ~100. Maybe I aimed wide.
    But you are right it’s just donation, and not bind for all years.

  • @florent I don’t control the donation system we currently have.

    But, what do you consider “big customers”.

    I would imagine 12 big customers (so to speak) but that only equates to a total of $12000 (which is not enough for 1 developer (let alone 2).

    Plus, if it’s funded solely through “donations”, then a customer can simply not pay for that year. This means there’s no accountability.

    I think 12 is a pretty large number, but it isn’t enough to support a full on paid system.

    Even in a “good” scenario where we are running on the idea that there is enough donations to support 2 developers in the year, that’s only 2 developers. What of the people who are simply doing troubleshooting?

    The point of this thread, I think, is to get more people interested in donating their time. Instead it’s asking us to give more (which is impossible at this point.)

    Think about it. @Sebastian-Roth is saying he’s readying to step back and eventually fully away from the project. That leaves me to do the development. Who’s going to step up to do the troubleshooting to those who are “paying” for support? I’m only one person.

  • @tom-elliott Maybe the Paypal donation can be a problem for professional.
    Here the payment service can’t pay on Paypal. Need a purchase order. This is why we never donate, if i remember i say this in old forum topic few years ago.
    If big customers just donate 1000$ by year, think it will be enough to remunerate 2 developers full time on FOG.
    Hope FOG can continue to be the beautiful product we use all days.

  • @astrugatch The issue is the “team” is built of mostly people helping on their own free time.

    There’s not really a way for us to “work full time” on FOG as there’s not enough income received to do such a feat. As such, our “support team” comes from the community as a whole.

    Believe me, if I could get paid to program on FOG all day, everyday, I would. Unfortunately that’s not feasible as of currently.

    I’m only one person, and with Sebastian, that made 2 developers working mostly to keep things functioning.

    While we have a few more developers on titled on the team, the large majority of active Developers was @Sebastian-Roth and myself.

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    I don’t really have anything to contribute, but has the team thought about a paid support model? Being able to pay something to developers may entice some to work on the project.

  • @sebastian-roth Don’t think it’s letter university.

  • Moderator

    @Florent Possibly students or other colleagues at your university can engage?

  • Hi,
    I would like to help but not have the level and knowledge.
    We would like to donate but our University can’t use payment by Paypal to support FOG Project.
    Hope fin people to contribuate.