Deploying image via uefi that was taken via legacy pxe

  • I am trying to push an image that I made awhile back with legacy pxe boot. It installs fine when the computer is using legacy drivers, but it doesn’t work when the computer uses UEFI.

    Do I need to create a new image for the UEFI booting machines or can I change a setting and use the image I have already?

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    @jcyrus_rti You are welcome!

    Sorry if my answer sounded harsh. Didn’t mean to.

  • @sebastian-roth I appreciate the reply. I hadn’t thought of it like that and at the end of a long day my brain wasn’t totally kicked in. I apologize if I wasn’t specific enough, but it seems that you did in fact understand exactly what I was asking so maybe I was specific enough after all.

    I wasn’t implying that FOG did anything wrong. In fact I was asking if I needed to make a change for things to work correctly. There was no need to be so emphatic when answering the question.

    So for other peoples reference. If you create an image using either bios/uefi the machine you deploy it to must also support that option and have it enabled in the settings. For my situation most of my computers support both methods, but the newest purchases only support uefi. So I will need to create an image from a uefi booting machine and that should be able to be deployed to all other computers I have on the network, so long as they have the uefi option enabled in the computer settings.

    Thank you again for your help and all that you do for all of us! Your work truly simplifies our lives.


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    @jcyrus_rti Please be more specific on what you mean by it doesn’t work!

    As far as I can tell you can push both UEFI and legacy BIOS images on either more using FOG (people do so all the time) but you can’t usually boot that deployed image on the machine. That is not something FOG is doing wrong. It’s just UEFI and legacy BIOS being so different and you can’t just deploy one and hope to boot it up in the other mode like that.

    Yes you need different images for UEFI and legacy BIOS!