SOLVED Changed IP, reinstalling not an option

  • I changed the IP. Eventually, I’d like to change the whole subnet, but I wanted to start small. Either way, now my clients can’t successfully pxe boot. I used the, and I changed the IP in the /tftpboot/ipxe.default and hit the /tftpboot with a chmod 777 -R. Here is a picture of my problem. I can’t reinstall, is this mission impossible? pxe_problem.PNG

  • I ended up finding the fix.

    Step 1: Change IP Address, then deactivate and activate the network interface.

    Step 2: Run the within the found here

    Step 3: Rerun the installer.
    If you have NO INTERNET CONNECTION, like myself in this case,
    rerun with the -X option like so,

    ./installfog -X

    I verified it worked with my new subnet and I was able to boot off my Fog Server, register new hosts, as well as capture and deploy an encrypted Linux image.

    This was successfully done on a Rhel 7.9 VM with no internet connection FYI.

  • @george1421 How would I fix that?

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    @boriquaboy115 Should be able to fix that without re-install. Go to the directory where you extracted the FOG installer (or cloned it via github). If you don’t have that anymore you can re-download it. Best to use the same version you installed before:

    Change to root user (e.g. sudo -i or su -) and navigate to the subdirectory utils/FOGiPXE/ within the FOG installer dir. Then run the iPXE buildscript and copy over the new binaries that were generated by the build script:

    cd ../../packages/tftp/
    find -type d -exec mkdir -p /tftpboot/{} \;
    find -type f -exec cp -fv {} /tftpboot/{} \;

    See if you clients are able to PXE boot again.

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    @boriquaboy115 The permission denied message is related to the certificates being used. I see you are using https so that means the certificate used to compile ipxe.efi and undionly.kpxe doesn’t match what the apache server is using.