Small errors in migration commands

  • I have just migrated a Fog from one server to another and I noticed 2 small problems on this page:

    The following command generates 2 messages :

    root@fogserver:~# mv /images/dev/* /images
    mv: Cannot move '/images/dev/dev' to '/images/dev': The folder is not empty.
    mv: Cannot move '/images/dev/postdownloadscripts' to '/images/postdownloadscripts': The folder is not empty.

    I don’t think it’s serious, is it?

    But this one is more annoying:

    root@fogserver:~# chown -R fog:root /images
    chown: incorrect user: " fog:root ".

    The fog user does not exist, it is fogproject. So I replaced by this command:

    chown -R fogproject:root /images

    Thanks for this amazing project !

  • I’ve added some more steps that should avoid those errors.

    I’ve updated the chown command in the wiki. The user fogproject is something that came about after this article was written. The user used to be just fog

  • Senior Developer

    @Bristow-0 This wiki article definitely needs some re-work. Thanks for letting us know. Thanks to @JJ-Fullmer and @Jurgen-Goedbloed we started to improve documentation and I think this article is being part of it.

    From what I see in the current wiki article I would think the command mv /images/dev/* /images did not take into account that dev/ subdirectory would exist on the old server already… Maybe @Wayne-Workman can remember more of the details.