• Hi

    I am deploying ubuntu images to the hosts.
    I would like hostnames to be given by fog server eventhough i have check the box in the settings the hostname of the hosts does not change.

    How shall i fix or debug ?

    Thank you very much

  • Moderator

    @emreonder Please post the contents of the fog-client log file here.

    Hostname changing on Linux systems is not as straight forward as it is on Windows. The fog-client will try to change different config files (code reference) though this might not always work.

    On Linux you can usually take another route and set hostname via DHCP. Search the forums and the web in how to do this.

  • Moderator

    @emreonder Do you have the fog client installed on the ubuntu target computer’s golden image? The fog client is responsible to set the target computer’s name post imaging.

    If you want to do this without the fog client installed, you will need to write a bash script to rename the host. You will do this via the FOG PostInstall script process.