Is it possible to let FOG deploy system image to SSD prior to HDD?

  • Sometimes the FOG would download the image to HDD.
    Is there a way to let FOG download the image to SSD prior?
    i.e Do a disk write speed test to determine which disk is faster then download the image to it?

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    @will Well the issue is on the target computer side. If the ssd was always disk 0 then it would be easy because in the host definition you could say to deploy the image to /dev/sda but the issue comes when there is two hard drives which one is detected first. The first detected (sata) hard drive is /dev/sda and the second detected hard drive is /dev/sdb This most of the time corresponds to which sata cable is connect to the drive. The cable for drive0 is usually detected as /dev/sda and the cable for drive1 is usually detected as /dev/sdb but only when there is a drive connected to the drive0 cable.

    So can you have fog image properly, sure. You just need to tell it on a host by host basis when the ssd is connected to any other cable than the one for drive0.

  • @sebastian-roth I am using FOG 1.5.9.

    Currently, I set the image type as “Single Disk - Resizable”, partition “Everything”.
    We have computers with different specifications, some only one SSD, some SSD + HDD.
    I noticed FOG would download the Windows image to HDD rather than SSD in some cases.

    Is there an option to let FOG select which disk to write to? Right now I am using the “Quick Registration”–>“Auto Assign Image Task” to do the deployment without typing the username and password.

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    @Will Which version of FOG do you use? Do you have a multiple disk image? Please explain in more detail what you think is going wrong.

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    @will FOG does not know or care about HDD or SSD drives. All it does is write the image to a disk you tell it to. If you have a computer with a SSD and HDD installed you will need to tell FOG which disk to write the image to.