Selected boot device failed - possible dupe

  • Hey all,
    I have been having the worst luck with FOG recently.

    I have the fog server set up in a VM on the most recent stable version of Debian. I have FOG supposedly working with my DHCP and DNS but the bootfile isn’t working.

    The TCPDUMP shows that its calling to the undionly.kpxe but it isn’t going through on devices. I am not totally sure what to do to trouble shoot at this point. I would love if someone wouldn’t mind DM’ing me and taking a look at the output.pcap and see if they can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

    Please be gentle I’m fragile.

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    Turns out the install was corrupted with TFTP files in /srv/tftp (as for ARCH installs. Re-running the installer fixed it all up.

  • Oh boy both gods replied… Okay, so yes both Host pc and the VM with the FOG are on the same subnet.
    @god George I actually did that pre-emptily from the other posts! I will DM you the google drive link.
    @otherGod Sebastian would you like a DM too?

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    @epsilon52 WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS FOG’s FAULT?

    If you are still unbroken lets continue.

    So let me ask you. Are the target computers on the same subnet as the FOG server or are they separated from the fog server by a WAN/VPN link?

    If the fog server and target computers are on the same subnet and you are still having issues please follow these instructions.

    Upload the pcap to a file share site and either post the link here or PM me the link and I’ll take a look at it.

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    @Epsilon52 What kind of machine do you want to PXE boot? Is it set to legacy BIOS/CSM (undionly.kpxe is the right file here) or UEFI (you’d need to use ipxe.efi then)?

    The other question I have for you is: Are the system (FOG server and the host machine) on the same subnet?