All new Dell laptops stuck on Bios Splash screen

  • Hi All,

    I am experiencing issues with all new Dell laptops (various models), stuck on splash screen after imaging via FOG.
    This is weird since all these images are working fine with Dell Desktop pc’s and all other HP devices , Desktops and Laptops.
    Problem seems to be only with new Dell Laptops from 2020.

    Anyone has any idea what is causing this problem?
    I cant go to bios or open boot menu as Laptops are stuck on Dell logo.

    Removing the Hard drive and formatting it is fixing the issue but we cant use FOG for these laptops.

    I had this issue originally on 1.5.7 but i built fresh server on 1.5.9 and problem remains.

  • These laptops are coming with M2 Nvme disks, i used diskpart in windows 10 with “clean all” option to fix the problem.

    Yes all laptops are UEFI only

    I am building fresh windows 10 using one of the new Microsoft ISO files.
    I will try to capture an image from one of the laptops and try to deploy it to other.

    If this will not work we will raise a ticket with dell

  • Senior Developer

    @Alk I myself have not seen this happening myself but we had someone else describing an issue that sounds pretty similar to me.

    Good to know you got this fixed by “formating” the drive. What did you use to format? Did you just recreate the partition table or overwrite that part of the disk with zeros or used sgdisk -Z?? We’ll need to gather more information to be able to figure this out.

    Would it be possible the new laptops are UEFI only and the firmware has some kind of really weird bug causing it to hang if there is a boot loader installed to the MBR??