Fog Server Temp Images Location

  • I was uploading a new image and then was my disk on fog server full.
    My Fog server runs in a vm (the /images folder is mounted on an external drive)

    now i have a full disk in my vm and i can´t make anything.

    so were does fog save the temporary files while creating the image? need to delete them

  • thanks guys 🙂 that fixed my problem

    and i have mounted a share from my host to the vm … and that was working fine until i rebooted as i know now 😄

    i forget to automount this share on startup and than fogserver wasn´t writing to the share 🐶

  • Moderator

    In the directory that Sebastian mentioned. Look for directories that appear to be mac address format. Those are temp directories that should only exist during an upload. If these files exist when there is no active upload in progress then they are from botched captures and you may delete them to recover the space with sudo rm -rf /images/dev/<dir_name> Just remember to be careful with rm -rf because it is very powerful and you CAN delete more than you intended if you are not precise.

    As to more space on your VM you have a few options based on how your FOG server host OS is configured.

  • Senior Developer

    @wuast94 You find those in /images/dev!