Shutdown host after deploy, change BIOS time?

  • Hi, I have sucessfuly set up fog server but I don’t want to boot the system up after image deploy, also I’l like to ask if it’s possible - can I change BIOS time with FOG (my sever has correct time)? The reason why I want to do this is thise machines have to join to the domain in the different locations (I don’t know the name of it).
    I can see “shutdown after install” in snapis section but not in images, host or task

    I have set up pfsense and fog on CentOS 8.0

    Thanks for help,
    Bartłomiej Perkowski

  • Moderator

    now with that said linux has a command hwclock that can set the hardware clock to local time. That command does exist in FOS Linux, but it appears to have a dependency that is not met. The other missing command is ntpdate to set the FOS Linux clock to some ntp server on your network.

    So in theory we can get to where you need with a little black magic.


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    Change bios time with fog NO. FOG can’t step into the bios of the computer. But should the question be, how can I set the target OS timezone on a deployed image?

    As for the shutdown on image there is an option when you deploy. Just tick the checkbox and the remote system will power off instead of reboot.