Feature request for FOG 1.6.x - Replace FOG replicator with rsync

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    Replace FOG image and snapin replicator with rsync. Rsync is available on all major linux distributions. Using rsync would consolidate the code needed for replication between the FOG master node and storage nodes. rsync has all of the services built in to identify and transfer files between locations built in the utility.

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    @Wayne-Workman The replication services provided by FOG use their very own logic implemented in PHP to sync files via FTP protocol. I vote for getting rid of this!

    I would hope we can tunnel rsync through SSH to not have to open up another port in the firewall. Together with this I would want to get rid of FTP altogether by using SSH for the other places in the code where FTP is used at the moment (move images directory after upload and kernel after download).

  • I thought the replicator used rsync? Or maybe it was scp…

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    This post is deleted!