Image Store Corrupt Unable to locate MBR

  • So after restoring my FOG server and copying over the image folder , I get an error when trying to do an image from the server. It says Image Store Corrupt Unable to locate MBR.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? I made sure I have a .mntcheck file in /images and /images/dev

    Additionally I cannot browse the folders under images except for the dev folder.

  • Is this supposed to be a Resizable Image, or a Multipartition image?

  • [B]Chad-bisd[/B], I have run your commands but am still unable to upload image to my device. I am having the same issue as [B]Sideout[/B].

  • Moderator

    have you checked ownership and permissions. All files should be owned by fog user and root group and pretty much world writeable.
    sudo chown -R fog:root /images/*
    sudo chmod a+rwx /images/*

    I think those commands will get you going. If you’re concerned about security, you can tighten permissions once you have it working.