SOLVED Hostname Change Bug 1.58

  • Bug in Version 1.58 .

    If you have host name change set to off globally and re enable, it doesn’t refresh all the hosts. You have to go to each host manually and uncheck host name change if checked, hit save, than check it off again and hit save.

    Second Work Around

    Have hosts in a group, go to services, uncheck hostname change, hit save, recheck hostname change, hit save.


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    Mod Note: Solving and closing this thread

  • @Tom-Elliott alright no worries. I thought it was a bug. Thanks for the quick response.


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    I’m going to say that’s not a bug but a feature. I can understand why the developers would set it up this way. If the feature is off (globally) and you turn it on, there is a risk that every host could be renamed and rebooted unexpectedly. From a safety standpoint I can understand why you would be required to go in and touch each host definition before the name change happened.

    But just in case this is not an expected behavior I’m going to move this post to the Bugs forum and then let the Developers tell us yes or no.

  • This is not a bug. This is intended behavior.