Canceled capture task still running on host

  • Can I shut down the host if it’s still capturing? I canceled the task in the web console when I realized it was capturing both disks, I only need the main one, but it’s still capturing on the host.

  • Correct, it is uploading properly now. Thanks for the assistance!

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    @MicLima said in Canceled capture task still running on host:

    I told FOG to used /dev/sda

    So in this case your “C:” drive is /dev/sdb

  • Finally figured it out. I didn’t realize my D drive was in the disk0 slot, so when I told FOG to used /dev/sda it was looking at D instead of C. That’s what I get for assuming the factory installed drive would be in disk0.

  • Thanks for the replies George. I ended up having to restore from a backup because I couldn’t get it to boot at all. So, besides taking out the extra hdd, is there a way to tell FOG to only capture the main disk sda1?

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    @MicLima said in Canceled capture task still running on host:

    Well, never mind for now, seems I can’t log back into my web console. Strange

    Not so strange if you ran out of disk space. On a full disk the database will stop to prevent corruption. So to get things running again. Log into the FOG server linux console and do the following.

    cd /images/dev
    ls -la

    Look in this directory for any directory names that look like mac address, i.e. 0008562F99D0 That is a failed upload. It is safe to remove those directories ONLY. So in my previous example mac address, here is how you would remove that directory and its contents.

    sudo rm -rf 0008562F99D0

    That will completely purge that directory. Be aware that the rm -rf command is very powerful, so great power comes with a great responsibility. Use that power very carefully because you ‘could’ wipe your entire disk if you use any wild card characters with that command.

    once you purge the mac address like directories you can see how much free space you have for root with sudo df -h Look for the root partition /

    Once you free up space reboot the fog server and everything should work as normal. After that you will need to work on your space issues.

  • Well, never mind for now, seems I can’t log back into my web console. Strange!

  • It finally finished up, how can I get it to only capture the main disk?

  • Yeah, it’s still going even though my entire FOG disk space is gone already, 42 minutes remaining lol. So if I shut down, there will be a chance the machine itself will be broken or just the image being captured?

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    @MicLima well this is a bit late, but yes you can power off the capture or deployment. Understand that either the workstation or captured image will not be complete and basically broken until you reimage the computer or recapture your base image.