Attempting to turn Untangle 15.1 iso into PXE Menu item

  • Hey all,

    I’m experiencing an issue where I am unable to turn the Untangle 15.1 iso into a bootable menu item. It is based on debian buster with kernel 4.19.

    I followed the well-laid out steps from george1421 @ but am experiencing an issue with the menu item. I’m almost certain that the issue is with the parameters passed for the menu entry (Step 5 listed below).

    The steps I’ve taken thus far:

    1. made dirs for /images/os/untangle/15.1 and /tftpboot/os/untangle/15.1
    2. mount -o loop -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/loop
    3. copy -R /mnt/loop/* /images/os/untangle/15.1 > umount /mnt/loop
    4. I snooped around in the copied files and found a folder named install.amd which had the vmlinuz and initrd.gz files > copied these to /tftpboot/os/untangle/15.1
    5. Went into Fog Configuration > iPXE New Menu Entry and added the following pulled from the debian install
    kernel tftp://${fog-ip}/os/untangle/15.1/linux
    initrd tftp://${fog-ip}/os/untangle/15.1/initrd.gz
    imgargs vmlinuz initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/nfs netboot=nfs nfsroot=${fog-ip}:/images/os/untangle/15.1/ ip=dhcp rw
    boot || goto MENU

    I pulled step 5 from the post on adding debian 9.2 as a new menu entry. I figured that since untangle is based on debian, then it would work. Apparently is was wrong.

    Here is a picture of the files pulled from the iso:
    alt text

    I checked similarly named files from the other posts in george1421’s informative post previously mentioned (efi filetypes, vmlinuz, initrd.gz, etc) but my limited knowledge on what to put for the arguments is what seems to be keeping this from working.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in getting this to work.

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    The default (ubuntu) installer kernel [linux] and initrd [initrd.gz] does not support/know about network booting. Its possible that the debian installer kernel and initrd also doesn’t directly support network booting. Both bits needs to support nfs for netbooting to work. In the screen shots provided appear that the installer scripts are only designed for local cdrom booting.

    You may be at a roadblock with this problem.

    I did find the debian 9.2 buster netbooting kernel and initrd. I don’t know if you can slide those in place and get untangle to install correctly. I’m sure the netboot kernel will work correctly but the initrd may only install native debian and not the untagle you want. You will want the netboot,tar.gz file. Extract the .gz file in linux or use 7-zip in windows.

  • Of course. Sorry about that, I had to step away and come back to the post many times.

    The issue is that the installer looks like debian instead of the untangle installer and won’t proceed past detecting the cd-rom.

    What it looks like:
    alt text

    What it should look like:
    alt text

    The point at which I can’t proceed:
    alt text

    Finally, this is the installer menu after failure to move forward:
    alt text

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    @iamrt said in Attempting to turn Untangle 15.1 iso into PXE Menu item:

    … but am experiencing an issue with the menu item.

    Please tell us more about the actual issue? What error message do you see on screen? Take a picture and post here.