• Hello!

    I’m trying to use FOG project on HP prodesk400 and i´m having 2 problems and i need solution to one of them.

    The first problem is that when I use the legacy boot Fog start perfectly and does his thing without any problem but when it finish capturing an image it will not boot to OS and goes to an infinite loop of network boot and saying that he has no Fog´s task.

    The second problem is that when I use UEFI my pc says “start pxe over ipv4” and does not enter FOG and goes straight to Windows .

    Thanks for your time. I hope you can help me with one of the problems or both 😉

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    @ricardomartins So you are using the FOG server for dhcp services? If so then its already configured for dynamic pxe booting between uefi and bios. There is nothing else you need to do then.

  • FOG1.5.9RC

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    @ricardomartins What device is your dhcp server (mfg and model)? There may be solutions out there that support dynamic boot loading.

  • It worked!
    I also needed to disable secure boot and legacy boot.
    Thanks for your help.
    You rock, George!

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    What version of FOG are you using.

    Its not clear on the first error you see, but for the second, What is your dhcp server? Does it support dynamic boot loaders or do you just set a static dhcp option 67? The reason why I ask is bios based computers need undionly.kpxe to boot into the fog menu where uefi computers need ipxe.efi to boot into the fog ipxe menu.