SOLVED Fog with Win10 Sysprepped VM not booting to PXE

  • Hello all,

    I recently set up a Fog VM in XCP-NG and was able to configure a debian 10 install image using george1421’s massive guide on the various installer images.

    I have a sysprepped Win10 image that I am attempting to capture with fog for quick deployments but when I attempt to boot to network, I receive the UEFI shell and not into the fog environment.

    Would anyone be able/willing to point me in the right direction?

    It would be greatly appreciated!

  • That was it! I knew once you mentioned the configuration for both uefi and bios, that was where the trouble was. I have enabled dnsmasq per the instructions you linked and it booted into the fog menu without issue.

    Thank you very much!

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    @iamrt I don’t know much about the untangle implimentation of dnsmasq, but here is a tutorial on installing dnsmasq on your fog server. The idea of me showing it is this configuration supports both bios and uefi systems: You will need the pattern matching bits of the config file to determine if the booting system is uefi or bios.

    Now you say that the VM is just dropping you to an efi shell. The first problem I see is that your boot file is undionly.kpxe The issue is that is a BIOS only boot loaderm it will not boot a uefi system. For a uefi system your boot loader needs to be ipxe.efi.

  • To the first question, I’m not sure? It appears to boot directly to the shell without much in the way of errors.

    The sysprep image is a VM. As for the DHCP server, I’m using untangle. Currently I have a line added to the Network > Advanced Settings > DNS & DHCP: dhcp-boot=undionly.kpxe,

    I’m guessing I may need to add a line to that or does the undionly.kpxe handle both bios and uefi?

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    @iamrt said in Fog with Win10 Sysprepped VM not booting to PXE:

    I receive the UEFI shell and not into the fog environment.

    Can you explain this a bit more, when you pxe boot the computer does it transfer ipxe.efi to the target computer? I picture of the screen you see or error would help set the context of the error.

    Is the windows sysprep image on a vm or a physical computer?

    What is your dhcp server? Do you have it configured for both bois and uefi systems?