• This isn’t a bug, just an observation.

    I was unable to get the shutdown feature of the fog client working, and I was able to pinpoint that to our unique environment. Do you recall that in Windows Vista , Microsoft had a feature called “SteadyState” and never continued it into newer versions of Windows. My org uses Faronics Deepfreeze (Google “SteadyState alternatives”) that “rolls back” a whole hard drive after a restart - WIndows, dates, logs, last file use, etc.

    Anyway, the feature I had hoped to use was the scheduled shutdown command. Yes, the shutdown would work from the server, but only once - right after resetting the encryption data. I believe the cause of that problem remains deepfreeze.

    I had actually wanted to request a feature addition: Add to auto log out the option to restart, that is when I realised without solving the above issue there is little point for the request.

    Thanks again for a great piece of software! I will continue to use this FOGProject for some time.

    ~ P.V.

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    @whyzzi said in Environment & Fog Client:

    Would scheduling shutdown of the snapin to execute happen on fog or the host?

    I’m not sure I understand. You would schedule the snapin to deploy on the FOG server but it would execute the command on the target computer.

    Ok we will keep this as a feature request. So just to be clear you want to force a log off after a certain idle time then reboot?

    (along those same lines) I know there is an auto log off screen saver. When the screen save is started it logs the user off, then would the normal fog restart work correctly?

  • @george1421
    Would scheduling shutdown of the snapin to execute happen on fog or the host?

    I liked the auto logoff feature because it let the user continue to use the host until the login was idle for x minutes. Windoes 10 changed machine idle sensitivity, and for us it has become difficult to properly give x minutes before being booted.

  • I’ll investigate that, thank you.
    ~ P.V.

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    Can you run a snapin that executes shutdown -s -t 30 -c "The system will be shut down in 30 seconds. Please save your work"