• Hi,

    We are having random issues where our captured image stops deploying successfully and when this happens we notice the ‘Image Size ON CLIENT’ on the image in FOG has changed to saying it’s just 0 bytes. Any further deployments of this image just fail, so we are having to recapture our image to get it to work again.

    We think it happens when an image fails to deploy to a client for whatever reason, then FOG is changing the image size to 0 bytes which in turn is causing the image to stop deploying.

    We found in the recent FOG change logs some references to the image file size, so we are thinking it’s something that might be fixed in newer versions of FOG? Is there any more information about this?

    Due to it being quite difficult to update our FOG install, we are wondering if there might be a quick fix we could apply to our current version of FOG to fix this particular issue?

    If that is not an option, is there an easy way to just tell it to re-import/recheck the image files on the server, as the files still seem to be there?

    Current FOG version: 1.5.4



  • Moderator

    @Derek-Newbold As a very first step I may ask you to post a picture of the error that you see on screen when an image does not properly deploy “due to image size being set to 0”.

    While I can’t be absolutely sure (there have been many changes and fixes since FOG 1.5.4) I am not aware of the image size playing any role when deploying an image to a host! It’s true that in FOG 1.5.4 the image size on client field is being updated and set to 0 if it fails deploying and that is something strange we fixed lately. It will only ever do this on captures now.

    Nevertheless I don’t think the image size should influence the deployment process in any way. Please provide error messages.

  • UPDATE 2: I have come up with a better workaround now I think.

    I installed MySQL Workbench on the FOG server as I’m not very familiar with editing SQL via CLI.

    I can see that the ‘imageSize’ field of the image has been wiped out, and if I set it to something (e.g. copy the imageSize from another image, even if it’s the wrong size) I can then image another host successfully and it updates the imageSize to the correct size.

    Now I’m just going to work out what value it puts in the imageSize field on a fresh image (like in my first workaround), and use that instead of a random imageSize value when this issues occurs.

    If anyone knows a better solution aside from updating FOG, please let me know!

  • So I have come up with a workaround for now.

    I duplicated the image folder on the server, then created a new FOG image using that folder.

    I then set a host to image using the duplicate image and it imaged successfully, and during imaging it updated the image size in FOG to be to be 100 GiB like it should be.

    We now have tried imaging a host that is having issues again with the duplicate image and it failed once again, and the image size on the duplicate image in FOG is now saying 0 GiB.

    I’ll endeavor to try and update our FOG install when we find a suitable time to do so, but hoping in the meantime there might be a workaround to reset the image size issue? Is it just an SQL reference somewhere that we can update/remove?