API interface for managing Host Mac addresses

  • I’ve been looking into automatically adding certain mac addresses from my hosts and I have figured out how to use the API to import the list of macs and store them in the database, with the primary being the last entry.

    What I’m looking for is a way to manage the pending macs for cleanup and or to via API accept them so they are no longer pending. API access should also provide access to the “Ignore Mac on Client” and “Ignore Mac on Image” options.

    Would this be new or did I miss it somewhere?

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    I don’t have the ignore mac on client/imaging
    Setting built in to those functions, but you can take a peek at the code to see whrte you are setting the primary property there is also a property for ignoring mac on client. I’m on my phone at the moment so can’t go test and get for sure answers. But it’s either a part of thr maclist array of a host or a different property. Point is you can for sure set that. If you give me a bit more detail I will gladly try to give you further examples on how to do it with the powershell module

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    @John-Sartoris check out the powershell api module. See my signature for links.
    I have some functions that may already do what they want or can at least get you in the right direction. Check out these ones